Myself and Professional Context

Experience is life’s greatest teacher. For the past 17 years, I have mothered 2 wonderful children. My experience as a mother, as well as the significant role I played in raising my nieces and nephews, sparked within me a love for children. This spark resulted in me developing my knowledge base through formal training so that I was able to establish Nana’s Buzzy Bees. This child care business derived its name from my name, Nana Serwah Isliker, and was founded in 2006.

Since the company’s inception, I have earned several certifications and attended a variety of childcare workshops. I am an accredited child minder and a member of the Professional association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY). I am also a member of the Brent children Come First Network. Each member of this organisation is assigned a network coordinator. This coordinator is responsible for observing the child care facility’s practices and support the facility’s owner’s professional development. My coordinator has been visiting my facility regularly and contributing to my professional development. Some of these visits have been unannounced.

allaboutmepicture2Nana’s Buzzy Bees is based in my home in Kingsbury, London. I specialise in child care for children ranging from 0 to 4 years of age. I also pick up and drop off children between the ages of 5 and 12 who attend school or nursery. My commitment to you is providing a fun, engaging, and safe environment for your children to learn through play.

I operate under the strictest ethical standards and I am gdpr compliant. Your data will be treated confidentially. I am registered with the information commission office ( Ico )which is renewed every twelve months and I am gdpr compliant. All hard copies of files are locked away securely. Any electronic copies of your data are password protected using a password that only I have access to. I request written parental permission for using photography to record and document your child’s learning. Without this written consent, I won’t use photographs or videos to document your child’s progress. Any confidential information you share will only be revealed to Social Services and OFSTED if I have concerns that your child is being abused. You can read more about my confidentiality policies and procedures on the Policies page of this website.






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